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Order Actinium-225

A Powerful Partner for Commercializing

In order to ensure the best service the commercial distribution of Actinium-225 is handled by ITM. Drawing from the experience in leveraging Lutetium-177 to commercial success ITM brings a lot experience and expertise.

In addition, being the world leader in Lutetium-177 production and commercial distribution has build an extensive network of customers, industry partners and research groups. This network will facilicate the commercial availabality of Actinium-225.

The commercial distribution of Actinium-225 is led by an experienced team of experts in nuclear medicine and radionuclide production.


Dr. Sebastian Marx

Chief Business Officer, ITM Group

Dr. Sebastian Marx has been pivotal to ITM's growth since 2008, advancing through roles in R&D, production, and sales. As Head of Sales since 2014, he spearheaded the expansion of ITM's global reach, crucially establishing the company as a leader in the radiopharmaceutical industry.

During his PhD at TUM, Dr. Marx conducted groundbreaking research on Radium-226 target processing for Actinium-225 production, enhancing his expertise in nuclear medicine. With a solid foundation in analytics, radiochemistry, and nuclear medicine, Dr. Marx's leadership has been instrumental in ITM's success, particularly in commercializing Actinium-225 through the Actineer Joint Venture.


Alexander Pironi

Sr. Vicepresident Commercial Strategy, ITM Group

Alexander Pironi, with his expertise in commercial strategy, is a valuable addition to the Actineer Joint Venture. His proven track record at ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE, coupled with experience in managing the ITM sales channels and driving sales growth, can significantly benefit the venture.

Moreover, Alexander's background in working with radioisotopes like Lutetium-177 enables him to transfer knowledge effectively to the production and commercialization of Actinium-225, ensuring the venture's success in the dynamic field of nuclear medicine.


If you require Actinium-225 or have any sales related questions please contact ITM's sales team. The team is more then happy to answer any questions you might have and advise regarding your intended use of Actinium-225.

ITM is dedicated to facilitate your orders with precision and care, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products and service.


Actineer Quotes


Our joint venture Actineer has been launched with the overall goal to ensure access to Ac-225 as a next generation radioisotope through an innovative technology.
With the foundation of Actineer we have committed us to establish a reliable, long term and substantial production of Ac-225 in high quality standards.
This Canada based company will facilitate ground breaking research activities leading to novel cancer treatments urgently needed by many patients worldwide.

Andreas Benischke, COO of Actineer

Two companies with long and distinguished histories of delivering medical isotopes to the global market have come together to help realize the potential that Ac-225-based radiopharmaceuticals’ promise. CNL has been fostering the Ac-225 market for years. The creation of the joint venture with ITM will accelerate advancing the technology needed to produce large quantities.

Ram Mullur, President of Actineer

It is our role to drive nuclear innovation in Canada, to bring private and public expertise together to spark these new initiatives that will ultimately benefit the health of Canadians and bring new jobs to Canada. We are building on decades of Canada’s world-leading isotope innovation, and have found the key to success is collaboration, partnership, and strong leadership. We are pleased to support the joint venture between CNL and ITM with shared values to bring this potentially lifesaving therapy to the world.

Fred Dermarkar, President and 

Targeted alpha therapies based on Actinium-225 are gaining increasing importance in addition to the well-established beta emitters such as our highly-pure non-carrier-added (n.c.a.) Lutetium-177. Joining forces with CNL provides us the opportunity to extend our therapeutic portfolio as we continue striving to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and cancer patients worldwide.

Steffen Schuster, ITM CEO

Together with ITM, CNL has already made significant process towards our goal of bringing a next-generation medical isotope to the world market. With the launch of Actineer, we are poised to establish a reliable and large-scale supply of Ac-225 that we believe will unlock ground-breaking new cancer treatments. The entire team at CNL looks forward to applying their radiochemical expertise to the development of the new production process for Actinium-225 within this joint venture.

Joe McBrearty

Actinium-225 is a potent radionuclide utilized in targeted alpha therapies and holds great potential in the greater landscape of radionuclide therapy. Targeted alpha therapy with Actinium-225 will facilitate patient care in nuclear medicine by bringing new treatment opportunities to those who need it in addition to combining Radiopharmaceutical therapy possibilities with the established Lutetium-177. The expertise that ITM and CNL bring together is unique and essential for meeting the escalating demand for Actinium-225 across various applications.

Dr. Sebastian Marx, CBO of ITM